Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe basic matters, such as the rights, duties, responsibilities, terms and conditions of use, and procedures of "Company" and "Member" in connection with the use of KoRhina Services provided by Mirint Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company").

Article 2 (Definitions)

Paragraph 1. Definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

The term "service" means KoRhina services and related services available to "members" regardless of the terminal implemented (including wired and wireless devices such as PCs and portable terminals).

The term "member" means a customer who accesses the "service" of the "company" and enters into a "use contract" with the "company" in accordance with these terms and conditions and uses the "service" provided by the "company".

The term "use contract" means all contracts concluded between "company" and "members" in connection with the use of "services", including these terms and conditions.

The term "ID" means a combination of letters and numbers established by "members" and approved by "company" for the identification of "members" and the use of "services".

The term "password" means a combination of letters or numbers determined by "members" for confidentiality, confirming that "members" are "members" consistent with the "ID" assigned to themselves.

The term "termination" means the termination of a "use contract" by a "company" or "member".

The term "user" means "members" and non-members who use "services" or related services provided by "company".

The term "posting" means articles, photos, videos, various files and links, etc. in the form of information posted on the "service" when "member" uses the "service".

Paragraph (2). The terms not prescribed in Article 2 among the terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the relevant Acts and subordinate statutes and separate terms and conditions of use and policies (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance by Service, etc."), and other general practices.

Article 3 (Posting and Amending Terms and Conditions)

Paragraph 1. "Company" posts the contents of these Terms on the initial screen of the Service to make it easier for "Members" to understand.

Paragraph (2). "Company" may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws, such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Act on the Promotion of Use of Information and Communication Networks, etc. (hereinafter the "Information and Communication Networks Act").

Paragraph (3). Where the "Company" amends the terms and conditions, it shall specify the application date and the reason for the amendment and announce it from 30 days before the application date to the day before the application date in accordance with paragraph (1). However, in the case of amending the terms and conditions unfavorable to "members", in addition to the notice, when logging in within the service for a certain period of time, it shall be notified separately through electronic means such as consent window, e-mail, and electronic message.

Paragraph (4). If the "Company" publicly notified or notified the amended terms and conditions in accordance with the preceding paragraph, and clearly notified or notified the "member" that the expression of intention is deemed to be expressed within 30 days, the "member" shall agree to the amended terms and conditions.

Paragraph (5). If "Member" disagrees with the application of the amended terms, "Company" shall not apply the contents of the amended terms, and in such cases, "Member" may terminate "Use Agreement". Provided, That if there are special circumstances in which the existing terms and conditions cannot be applied, the "Company" may terminate the "use contract".

Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions)

Paragraph (1). "Company" may have "Guidance, etc. by Service" for individual services, and where the relevant information conflicts with these terms and conditions, "Guidance, etc." shall apply preferentially.

Paragraph (2). Matters not prescribed in these Terms and Conditions or interpretations shall be governed by relevant Acts and subordinate statutes or customs.

Article 5 (Conclusion of Use Agreement)

Paragraph (1). The "use contract" is concluded by a person who intends to become a "member" (hereinafter referred to as the "applicant") agreeing to the terms and conditions, then applying for membership, and the "company" agreeing to such an application.

Paragraph (2). In principle, "Company" shall accept the use of "Service" for the application of "Applicant for Subscription". Provided, That the "Company" may not accept the following applications or terminate the "use contract" afterwards:

Where a "applicant for membership" has previously lost his/her membership under this Agreement, Provided, That the foregoing shall not apply where he/she obtains consent to rejoin the membership of the "Company".

Where he/she is not a real name or uses another person's name;

Where false information is not entered or details presented by the "Company" are not entered;

Where a child under the age of 14 fails to obtain consent from a legal representative (parent, etc.).

Where an application cannot be approved due to a reason attributable to the "user" or violates all other prescribed matters;

In an application under paragraph (3). (1), "Company" may request real name verification and self-certification through a specialized institution in accordance with the type of "member".

Paragraph (4). "Company" may withhold consent if there is no room for service-related facilities, technical or business problems.

Paragraphs (5) Where an application for membership is not accepted or withheld pursuant to paragraphs (2) and (4), the "Company" shall, in principle, notify the "applicant for membership."

Paragraph 6. The establishment of the "use contract" shall be the date when the "Company" marks the completion of the subscription in the application process.

Paragraph (7). "Company" may classify "Members" by grade according to the company's policy and disaggregate the hours of use, the number of times of use, the service menu, etc. and place differences in the use.

Paragraph 8. "Company" may impose restrictions on the use of "Members" for compliance with grades and age under the Act on the Promotion of Films and Videos and the Juvenile Protection Act, etc.

Article 6 (Change of Member Information)

Paragraph (1). "Members" may view and modify their personal information at any time through the personal information management screen. However, the real name, ID, etc. necessary for service management cannot be modified.

Paragraph (2). "Member" shall amend the matters stated at the time of membership registration online or notify the "Company" of the changes by e-mail or other means.

Paragraph (3). The "Company" shall not be responsible for any disadvantages caused by not informing the "Company" of the changes under paragraph (2).

Article 7 (Privacy Obligation)

The "Company" shall endeavor to protect the personal information of "Members" as prescribed by relevant Acts and subordinate statutes, such as the Information and Communication Network Act. Related laws and "Company" privacy policy apply to the protection and use of personal information. However, the privacy policy of "Company" does not apply to linked sites other than the official site of "Company".

Article 8 ("Obligation to the Management of "ID" and "Password" of "Member")

Paragraph (1). The responsibility for the management of "ID" and "password" of "member" shall lie with "member" and shall not be used by any third party.

Paragraph (2). In principle, "ID" cannot be changed, and if it is intended to be changed due to unavoidable reasons, the relevant "ID" shall be revoked and re-subscribed.

Paragraph (3). "Company" may restrict the use of the relevant "ID" where the "ID" of "Member" is likely to be leaked, contrary to antisocial or undisciplined customs, or mistaken for the operator of "Company" and "Company".

Paragraph (4). If "Member" recognizes that "ID" and "Password" are stolen or used by a third party, it shall immediately notify "Company" and comply with the guidance of "Company".

Paragraph (5). In the case of paragraph (4), the "Company" shall not be responsible for any disadvantage caused by the member's failure to notify the "Company" of such fact or not following the guidance of the "Company".

Article 9 ("Notice to Members")

Paragraph (1). Where "Company" gives notice of "Member", it may be made by e-mail, electronic message, etc. within "Service" unless otherwise provided for in these Terms and Conditions.

Paragraph (2). "Company" may substitute the notice referred to in paragraph (1) by posting on the bulletin board of "Company" for at least seven days in the case of notification of all "Members".

Article 10 ("Company Obligations")

Paragraph (1). "Company" does not prohibit related laws and these terms or conditions or engage in acts contrary to the customs, and shall endeavor to provide "services" continuously and stably.

Paragraph (2). "Company" shall have a security system to protect personal information (including credit information) so that "Members" can use "Services" safely and shall disclose and comply with the Privacy Policy.

Paragraph (3). "Company" shall have the necessary personnel and systems to properly handle complaints or damage relief requests from "Users" arising from the use of "Services".

Paragraph (4). If the "Company" deems that the opinions or complaints raised by the "Member" in connection with the use of the "Service" are justified, it shall deal with them. For opinions or complaints raised by "members", the process and results of processing shall be delivered to "members" by utilizing the bulletin board or by e-mail, etc.

Article 11 ("Member's Obligations")

Paragraph (1). "Member" shall not engage in any of the following acts:

Registration of false information at the time of application or modification;

Use other people's information

Change of information posted by "Company"

Sending or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than the information prescribed by the "Company";

Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyrights of "Company" and other third parties;

Impairs the reputation of the "company" and other third parties or interferes with their duties;

Disclosure or posting of information contrary to obscene or violent messages, videos, voice, or other official documents in "services";

The use of "services" for profit-making purposes without the consent of the company;

Other illegal or unjust acts;

Paragraph (2). "Members" shall comply with the relevant Act, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the instructions for use, and the matters notified by the "Company", and shall not interfere with the affairs of the "Company".

Article 12 (Provide of Services, etc.)

Paragraph 1. "Company" provides the following services to "Members".

  1. KoRhina Rhinitis Therapy Smart Control

    Treatment Statistics Delivery Service

    Rhinitis-related environmental data delivery services

    Any other service that is further developed by the "Company" or provided to the "Members through partnership agreements, etc.;

    Paragraph (2). "Company" may separately designate the available time for each scope by dividing "Services" into a certain range. However, in such cases, the contents are notified in advance.

    Paragraph 3. In principle, "Services" are provided 24 hours a day, 24/7.

    Paragraph (4). "Company" may temporarily suspend the provision of "Services" in the event of repair and inspection, replacement and failure of information and communication facilities, loss of communication, or significant operational reasons. In such cases, "Company" shall notify "Member" in the manner prescribed in Article 9 (notification of "Member"). Provided, That if there is an unavoidable reason why the "company" cannot notify in advance, it may be notified afterwards.

    Paragraph (5). "Company" may conduct regular inspections, if necessary for the provision of "Services", and the regular inspection time shall be as notified in the service-making republic.

    Article 13 (Change of "Services)

    Paragraph 1. "Company" may change all or some of the "Services" it provides for operational and technical needs if there are substantial reasons.

    Paragraph (2). Where there is a change in the details, method of use, time of use of the service, the grounds for change, the details of the service to be changed, the date of provision, etc. shall be posted on the initialization page of the relevant service before the change.

    Paragraph (3). "Company" may modify, suspend, or alter some or all of the services provided free of charge in accordance with the Company's policies and operations, and shall not compensate "Members" otherwise unless otherwise provided for in the relevant Act.

    Article 14 (Provide of information and publication of advertisements);

    Paragraph (1). "Company" may provide "Members" with various information deemed necessary by "Members" during the use of "Services" by notice, e-mail, etc. However, "Members" may refuse to receive e-mail at any time, except for information related to transactions and answers to customer inquiries under the relevant Act.

    Paragraph (2). Where the information referred to in paragraph (1) is intended to be transmitted by telephone or imitation transmitter, it shall be transmitted with the prior consent of the "member". However, information related to the transaction of "Member", consultation, and e-mailing and text messaging related to benefits services are excluded.

    Paragraph (3). "Company" may place advertisements on the service screen, website, application, e-mail, etc. in connection with the operation of "Service". A "member" who receives an e-mail with an advertisement may refuse to receive it to the "company".

    Paragraph (4). "User" shall not take any action, such as changing, modifying, or restricting postings or other information in connection with the services provided by the Company.

    Article 15 (Termination, Termination, etc.)

    Paragraph (1). "Members" may at any time file an application for termination of a "use contract" through the customer center or e-mail, etc. on the website, and the "Company" shall handle it as prescribed by the relevant Act, etc.

    Paragraph (2). If a "member" terminates a "use contract", the personal information data of a "member" shall be extinguished immediately upon termination, except where the "company" holds the member information in accordance with relevant laws and personal information processing policies.


    Paragraph 1. "Member" shall use the Services under its own responsibility, and shall be fully responsible for all acts and consequences of the Services.

    Paragraph (2). "Company" may take measures deemed necessary and appropriate where it is deemed that "Member" is using this service in violation of these Terms and Conditions. Provided, That "Company" shall not be obliged to prevent or correct such violations.

    Paragraph 3. If "Company" has suffered any damage (including the burden of attorney's fees) directly or indirectly due to the use of this service (including the use of such claims by the Company), "Member" shall compensate immediately at the request of "Company".

    Paragraph (4). "Company" shall not be liable for the use of services provided free of charge, unless it violates the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

    Article 17 (Restrictions on Use, etc.)

    Paragraph (1). Where a "member" violates the obligations of this Agreement or interferes with the normal operation of the "service", the use of the "service" may be gradually restricted by warning, suspension, permanent suspension, etc.

    Paragraph (2). Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, "Company" may immediately suspend the use of the name and payment in violation of the "Resident Registration Act", the provision and operation of illegal programs in violation of the "Copyright Act" and "Computer Program Protection Act". In the event of a permanent suspension of use under this paragraph, all benefits obtained through the use of "Services" shall be extinguished, and the "Company" shall not compensate for this.

    Paragraph (3). "Company" may restrict the use of the Member Information for the protection and efficiency of operation of the Member Information unless the Member continues to log in for more than three months.

    Paragraph (4). The conditions and details of restrictions on use within the scope of restrictions on the use of this Article shall be as prescribed by the Restriction of Use Policy and the Operation Policy on Individual Services.

    Paragraph (5). Where restricting the use of "services" or terminating "usage contract" pursuant to this section, "Company" shall give notice pursuant to Article 9 (notification of "members").

    Paragraph (6). "Members" may file an objection to restrictions on use, etc. under this Article in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the "Company". At this time, if the "Company" acknowledges that the objection is justified, the "Company" shall immediately resume the use of the "Service".

    Article 18 (Limitation of Liability)

    Paragraph (1). Where "Company" is unable to provide "Services" due to a natural disaster or equivalent force majeure, it shall be exempted from responsibility for providing "Services".

    Paragraph (2). The "Company" shall not be liable for any impairment in the use of the "Service" due to reasons attributable to the "Member".

    Paragraph (3). "Company" shall not be responsible for the information, data, reliability, accuracy, etc. published by "Member" in connection with "Services".

    Paragraph (4). "Company" shall be exempted from liability in cases of transactions, etc. between "Members" or between "Members" and "Members" and third parties through "Services".

    Paragraph (5). "Company" shall not be held liable for the use of free services unless otherwise expressly provided for in the relevant Act.

    Article 19 (Company Immunity)

    Paragraph 1. "Company" does not expressly or implicitly warrant that this service is free of any de facto or legal defects (including safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, validity, specific purpose, defects related to security, errors, bugs, infringement of rights, etc.). The "Company" shall not be obliged to remove such defects and provide this service to the Customer.

    Paragraph (2). "Company" shall not be held liable for any damages caused to its members due to this service. Provided, That this exemption shall not apply where the contract between "Company" and "Members" (including these Terms) concerning this service falls under a consumer contract as prescribed by the Consumer Contract Act.

    Paragraph 3. If provided in the proviso to paragraph (2) above, "Company" shall not be held responsible for any damages caused by default or illegal activities by "Company" (excluding gross negligence) resulting from special circumstances ("Company" or "Member") damages. In addition, the amount of user fees received in the month in which the damage occurred shall be capped when compensating for damages incurred to the "Member" due to default or illegal activities caused by the negligence (excluding gross negligence) of the "Company".

    ARTICLE 20 (Law of Compliance and Judges)

    Paragraph 1. Litigation filed between "Company" and "Member" shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

    Paragraph (2). A lawsuit concerning a dispute between a "company" and a "member" shall be filed by the address of the "member" at the time of filing a complaint, and if there is no address, it shall be exclusively under the jurisdiction of the district court in charge of the residence. Provided, That where the address or residence of the "member" is not clear at the time of filing a complaint, the competent court shall be determined in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act.


    Article 1 (Enforcement Date) These Terms and Conditions shall apply from November 11, 2020.

    Article 2 (Disclosure of Modified Terms) "Company" shall, where the terms and conditions are changed, continuously disclose through "Services" so that "Members" can easily know whether they are changed, when they are implemented, and the details thereof. In this case, the changes are made before and after the changes are compared and disclosed.