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Treatment for Rhinitis

Let's find out about rhinitis treatment with us
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Medical Treatment

In modern medicine,  drug therapy and immunotherapy are used. In particular, both treatments have immediate effects and are believed to be effective.


Oriental Medicine Treatment

It is possible to treat and prevent rhinitis with Chinese medicine containing mahwang, omija, and licorice. There's a way to relieve edema and inflammation in your nose with acupuncture.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy usually involves laser light directly on the nose. Laser therapy is so effective that both modern and oriental medical schools use for rhinitis treatment.

How to Prevent Rhinitis

  • Wearing a mask to prevent the inflow of fine dust and pollen.
  • Frequent hand washing to prevent allergic substances from entering the body.
  • Maintain moderate temperature
    Cleaning the room to prevent house dust mites from reproducing.
  • Eating foods with good immune system. Increase immunity to prevent chronic rhinitis.
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Rhinitis & its treatment
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