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Privacy Policy

KoRhina services provided by Mirint Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company" or "Mirint") shall be very important to users' personal information and comply with relevant statutes such as the Information and Communication Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Act.

1. Items collected and purpose of use of personal information
(1) Signing up as a member
Purpose of collection: sign-up and customer care, Facebook Easy Login, Kakao Easy Login, Naver Easy Login, Google Easy Login
Required collection items: name, nickname, email, Easy login authentication token, profile image
Retention and use period: When withdrawing membership;
(2) Record the use of KoRhina
Purpose of collection: Provide the user with the treatment history statistics, keep the user's Korina usage records safely on the server, and allow the user to manage the usage records even if they use multiple smartphones.
Collection Items: Treatment Start Time, Treatment Time
Retention and use period: When withdrawing membership;
(3) Customer inquiries
Collection Purpose: Reply User Comments
Collection items: name, contact, contact information
Retention and use period: When withdrawing membership;
(4) Analysis of App Usage
This app analyzes the availability of apps with Google Firebase Analytics. This analysis tool collects information about the availability of apps in a way that does not identify specific individuals, which is used to improve the quality of app services. The company is following the guidelines of Google Play Store and App Store thoroughly.

2. Consignment of processing personal information
Small and Medium Business Joint AS Center
Consignment: Coraina Customer Service

3. Personal Information Protection Manager
Name: Kim Yong-ho
Member: Mirint Co., Ltd.
Position: CEO
Contact: 031-603-9501

If you need to report or consult on other personal information violations, you can contact the institution below.

Personal Information Infringement Report Center ( 118)
Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cyber Investigation Division ( 1301 without national code)
National Police Agency Cyber Security Administration ( / Without National Code 182)

4. Obligation to notify before revision

If there is any addition, deletion, or modification of the contents of this Privacy Policy, we will notify you at least 7 days prior to the revision through "Notice".

Announcement date: December 14, 2019
Effective date: December 25, 2019
Revised date: November 11, 2020